Telephone Skills


Telephone Skills Training – Be Super Confident on the Telephone!


Telephone Skills Training – Be Super Confident on the Telephone!


The term ‘telephone skill’ refers to the correct manner in which you should conduct yourself and represent yourself while using the telephone for professional or personal purposes. In many situations, you need to speak professionally on the telephone but don’t know what to say or how to react to make the other person feel comfortable.

If you lack verbal confidence, your performance and the service you offer to your clients will suffer. Don’t risk your company’s success by using the wrong words or acting inappropriately. Let’s learn telephone etiquette to advance your telephone skill. 

In the Telephone Skill course, you will learn how to handle difficult customers, strike up a conversation, and remain calm when a caller demands unnecessarily high amounts of information. Following the course instructions will make you more efficient, stress-free, and flexible when making phone calls. The course covers everything from fundamental phone etiquette to dealing with irate customers and what to say when someone cannot hear you.

As a sales representative, personal assistant, or product support representative, telephone etiquette is essential. This course will train you on how to listen and deal with angry clients step-by-step.

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