Ethical Hacking


Ethical Hacking – An A to Z Guide to Ethical Hacking



Ethical Hacking – An A to Z Guide to Ethical Hacking

The course is designed for newbies – people without any prior hacking or cybersecurity experience. In this course, you will learn not just what black-hat hackers do and how, but also how to hack systems like a pro, and secure systems like a professional security expert.

You will learn both practical and theoretical aspects of ethical hacking, the skills you need not just to hack, but to defend against a hack.

Starting from the beginning, we’ll cover penetration testing, how to install the hardware (Windows, Linux, Mac OSX), and how to hack right away.

This course will take you through analyzing and exploiting various systems from websites to sprawling networks, including hacking servers and clients. Aside from hacking, you will also learn how to conduct efficient penetration tests.

In each module, we will cover both hacking and securing systems, giving you the foundational knowledge you need to get started.

Take your ethical hacking skills to the next level. Enrol today!

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