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Sports First Aider Training-Become a Reliable Sports First Aider!

Whether you’re a parent, coach, referee, or player, it’s never a good idea to be unprepared in an emergency. Anyone who interacts with kids or adults while playing sports should be familiar with these first aid skills.

A first-aider will be competent to manage emergency sports first aid to people who become ill or hurt while participating in, watching, or officiating sports after completing this Sports First-Aider Training course.

The purpose of this course is to provide you with information, skills, and techniques to deal with injuries. You will learn how to respond to emergency situations, what first aiders are tasked with, and how to conduct primary and secondary surveys. Additionally, you will learn how to perform lifesaving procedures, including chest compressions, CPR, and resting someone. Moreover, the course teaches how to treat major injuries, including choking, blood loss, head injuries, sprains, and fractures. 


With the help of this Sports First Aider course, you can keep your first aid knowledge current and be ready for anything.

After Completing The Course, You Will:

Course Design

You can take this Sports First Aider Training Online Course at your own pace because it is designed to be flexible. There are multiple modules in the course, so that you can complete it according to your schedule. To make it easier for you to grasp the ideas, the topics are arranged in an orderly fashion. You will be assessed to ensure that you understand the material. You can access our courses on any smart device or through the web.


The Sports First Aider Training Course features an online multiple-choice assessment test at the end of the course to assess learners’ ability and knowledge to understand the topics. This online multiple-choice test will result in an immediate grade, so you’ll know if you passed right away.

Certification & Transcript

After completing the course, you will be able to obtain* a Certificate of Completion from SkillArts.  This certificate will serve as proof that you have successfully completed the course. You will also be able to apply for an Academic Transcript that will outline the lessons covered in this Sports First Aider Training Course. 

 If you obtain a certificate from us, you can include it in your portfolio of evidence and use it for interviews in an employment or academic environment. By scanning the QR code on the certificate and entering the certificate code on our website, your employer can verify the certificate.
*Prices apply

Example Certificate & Transcript

Career Opportunities

By providing you with all the necessary guidelines, knowledge, and an online certificate of completion, this Sports First Aider Training Course will ease your way up the career ladder. You’ll learn how to succeed in your dream job, get that promotion, or start up the business you’ve always dreamed of.

  •  Introduction to Sports First Aid 
  • The Role of The Sports First Aider 
  • Assessing An Accident and Providing First Aid
  •  Sports Arrival 
    •  Dealing 
    •  The Arrival of EMS 
    •  Minimising The Risk of Infection 
    •  Hand Washing 
    •  Calling The EMS 


  • Planning for An Emergency
  •  Sports First Aid Kit 
  • The Unconscious Casualty-Breathing
  •  Primary, Secondary and Recovery Position 
  • The Unconscious Casualty- Not Breathing
  •  Introduction to CPR 
    •  Adult CPR 
    •  Child CPR 
    •  CPR Q+A 
    •  When to Call an Ambulance 
    •  Using An AED 
    •  Adult CPR with The Use of An AED 
    •  Child CPR with An AED 


  • Drowning
  •  Drowning 
    •  Dry Drowning 


  • Heart Attacks and Seizures
    • Heart Attack 
    • Seizures 


  • Choking
    •  What is choking 
    •  Adult Choking 
    •  Child Choking 


  • Bleeding
    •  Types of bleeding 
    •  Treatment of Bleeding 
    •  Embedded objects, amputations and when to get help 
    •  Nose bleeds 
    •  Small Cuts, Blisters, Bites and Stings 
    • Shock 



  •  Asthma 


  • Soft Tissue Injuries, Fractures, Head Injuries and Spinal Injuries
    •  Spinal Recovery Position 
    •  Soft tissue injuries 
    •  Fractures 
    •  Head Injuries 
    •  Spinal injuries – What are They? 


  • Conclusion
    • Final Message from the Instructor