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Public Speaker Course – Conquer Your Fear of Public Speaking

This is your opportunity to face your fear of speaking in front of large groups of people. If you find that no matter how well you prepare, you still feel nervous when the big moment arrives, this public speaker training course is for you. Our Public Speaker course will teach you how to manage your nerves and analyse your audience.

Anyone can learn public speaking. You must be adept at a public speaking skills if you work as a coach, manager, teacher, or another business professional. 

Great public speakers are more likely to find work, advance in their careers, and raise awareness for their companies than those who don’t.

This course teaches you how to determine your audience and give persuasive speeches. We’ll share a special module to assist you in overcoming your anxiety about public speaking. Hopefully, you won’t ever experience butterflies in your stomach while giving presentations or public speeches or get stuck in your speech. Additionally, you’ll learn how to end a speech effectively.


Your ability to speak with confidence and persuasion will improve if you follow the instructions provided in this course.

After Completing The Course, You Will:

Course Design

You can take this Public Speaker Online Course at your own pace because it is designed to be flexible. There are multiple modules in the course, so that you can complete it according to your schedule. To make it easier for you to grasp the ideas, the topics are arranged in an orderly fashion. You will be assessed to ensure that you understand the material. You can access our courses on any smart device or through the web.


The Public Speaker Course features an online multiple-choice assessment test at the end of the course to assess learners’ ability and knowledge to understand the topics. This online multiple-choice test will result in an immediate grade, so you’ll know if you passed right away.

Certification & Transcript

After completing the course, you will be able to obtain* a Certificate of Completion from SkillArts.  This certificate will serve as proof that you have successfully completed the course. You will also be able to apply for an Academic Transcript that will outline the lessons covered in this Public Speaker Course. 

 If you obtain a certificate from us, you can include it in your portfolio of evidence and use it for interviews in an employment or academic environment. By scanning the QR code on the certificate and entering the certificate code on our website, your employer can verify the certificate.
*Prices apply

Example Certificate & Transcript

Career Opportunities

By providing you with all the necessary guidelines, knowledge, and an online certificate of completion, this Public Speaker Course will ease your way up the career ladder. You’ll learn how to succeed in your dream job, get that promotion, or start up the business you’ve always dreamed of.

Module One: The Importance of Public Speaking

This lesson aims to help you identify the importance of Public Speaking and how you can improve your public speaking skills.

Key Topics:

  • What is Public Speaking?
  • Why is Public Speaking Important?
  • How to Improve Public Speaking Skills

Module Two: Preparation for Public Speaking 

This lesson aims to help you prepare for better public speaking by analysing your audience. This lesson will also cover all the essential points you should know before giving a speech, including how to deal with anxiety.

Key Topics:

  • Preparing to Speak Publicly 
  • How to Deal with Anxiety
  • Who Will Be The Audience?
  • Choosing The Topic
  • Using Supporting Materials for Speech
  • What Will Be the Setting?

Module Three: How to Start An Impressive Speech

This lesson aims to help you better understand the first impression methods for starting a speech or presentation. In addition, the lesson covers important aspects of public speaking research and scripting.

Key Topics:

  • Using Your Research
  • Outlining Your Speech
  • Organising Your Speech
  • Body Parts of Speech
  • First Impression & Methods to Start Your Speech

Module Four: How to Keep Your Audience Hooked

This lesson aims to help you understand how to keep your audience connected during your speech. With the help of this module, you will be able to learn the importance of introducing your topic & major sub-points.

Key Topics:

  • How to Start With An Attractive Introduction
  • The Methods to Get Audience’s Attention
  • Stating Your Credentials
  • Introducing Your Topic 
  • Introducing Your Major Sub-Points

Module Five: How to Overcome The Fear of Public Speaking  

This lesson aims to help you overcome your fear when giving a public speech. The lesson will also teach you how to be prepared and build confidence in front of an audience.

Key Topics:

  • Defining Fear in Public Speaking
  • Believing Yourself
  • The Fear of Fear Itself
  • Pretending to Be Confident
  • Taking A Deep Breath
  • Being Prepared
  • Making It Personal

Module Six: How to End A Speech

This lesson aims to teach you how to end a speech properly. This lesson elaborates on the importance of conclusion and the technical process of concluding public speaking.

Key Topics:

  • Why is A Conclusion Important?
  • Restating Your Speech
  • Summarising Your Major Points 
  • Providing The Closure
  • Calling The Audience to Action
  • Being Brief to The Audience
  • How to Make A Conclusion