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Brand Practitioner Course – Become a Master Brand Practitioner!

A business’ success can be elevated to new heights with the help of brand practitioners. Through branding, you can establish connections with your target market that may ultimately create devoted customers and other long-term benefits.

This Brand Practitioner course will show you why large corporations prioritise brand building and market leadership. You will learn about branding terminology in order to create an effective marketing plan. 

This course will help you understand how to define your brand. Defining your brand is crucial to the success of your marketing activities and your business in general. You will also learn how advertising can alter the entire scenario in order to conduct effective marketing.

After Completing The Course, You Will:

Course Design

You can take this Brand Practitioner Online Course at your own pace because it is designed to be flexible. There are multiple modules in the course, so that you can complete it according to your schedule. To make it easier for you to grasp the ideas, the topics are arranged in an orderly fashion. You will be assessed to ensure that you understand the material. You can access our courses on any smart device or through the web.


The Brand Practitioner Course features an online multiple-choice assessment test at the end of the course to assess learners’ ability and knowledge to understand the topics. This online multiple-choice test will result in an immediate grade, so you’ll know if you passed right away.

Certification & Transcript

After completing the course, you will be able to obtain* a Certificate of Completion from SkillArts.  This certificate will serve as proof that you have successfully completed the course. You will also be able to apply for an Academic Transcript that will outline the lessons covered in this Brand Practitioner Course. 

 If you obtain a certificate from us, you can include it in your portfolio of evidence and use it for interviews in an employment or academic environment. By scanning the QR code on the certificate and entering the certificate code on our website, your employer can verify the certificate.
*Prices apply

Example Certificate & Transcript

Career Opportunities

By providing you with all the necessary guidelines, knowledge, and an online certificate of completion, this Brand Practitioner Course will ease your way up the career ladder. You’ll learn how to succeed in your dream job, get that promotion, or start up the business you’ve always dreamed of.

Module One: Definition and Importance of Branding

This lesson aims to discuss the importance of branding. In addition, you'll learn the components of creating a perfect brand image as well as brand personality.

Key Topics:

  • What is Branding?
  • Importance of Branding
  • Why Do Companies Strive to Develop Brands?
  • What is The Brand Personality?
  • The Seven Components of Building the Perfect Brand Image

Module Two: Branding terminology

The purpose of this lesson is to explain the significant and most important terms specific to branding to help you understand the lingo.

Key Topics:

  • Major Terms of Branding

Module Three: Effective Ads Scheduling

This lesson aims to explain the significant and most important terms specific to branding to help you understand the lingo.

Key Topics:

  • Importance of Advertising
  • Impacts of Good Advertising
  • Scheduling Ads

The purpose of this lesson is to discuss the importance of advertising. You will also learn what can be accomplished with good advertising.

Module Four: Developing a Marketing Plan

In this lesson, we will discuss the marketing plan. You will also learn about the proper steps for a marketing plan.

Key Topics:

  • Effective marketing plan
  • Good Marketing Plan: Steps to Follow

Module Five: Product Packaging & Membership Programs

The purpose of this lesson is to discuss the importance of product packaging. You will also learn how membership programs perform as a marketing tool.

Key Topics:

  • Packaging Products to Increase Sales
  • Membership Programs as a Marketing Tool

Module Six: How to Create an Irresistible Offer?

This lesson discusses how to create an irresistible offer. You will also learn about perceived value and risk.

Key Topics:

  • People’s Buying Secret
  • The Risk-Reward Response Rate Equation
  • Response Rate = Perceived Value / Risk
  • Perceived Value & Risk
  • Value is Based on Perception, Not Reality
  • How to Decrease the Risk in Your Offer?